Hamlin Grange

hamlingrangeHamlin Grange is a Diversity and Inclusion Strategist. As President of DiversiPro, he helps organizations to succeed in being reflective, responsive and relevant to the changing markets and communities they serve. In this capacity, Hamlin has helped to make organizations more inclusive, productive and culturally competent.

Before starting a career as a diversity consultant, Hamlin had a stellar career as a journalist. He has been a reporter at Global Television and CBC Television, where he was assignment editor, municipal affairs reporter, host, interviewer and news anchor. He was also a reporter at the Toronto Star. Hamlin has hosted two popular television current affairs programs: Workweek on CBC Newsworld and TVOntario, and the CBC’s More to the Story.

Hamlin has served on a number of important boards, including: The Toronto Police Services Board, a Trustee of the Royal Ontario Museum and the Board of the YMCA of Greater Toronto. He is currently a Member of the Consent and Capacity Board, an independent provincial tribunal whose mission is the fair and accessible adjudication of consent and capacity issues, balancing the rights of vulnerable individuals with public safety.

He has received numerous awards, including the Queen’s Jubilee Medal, YMCA’s Peace Medallion, The B’Nai Brith Human Rights Award for Journalism, A CHUM TV-Black Film and Video Achievement Award and Award for Leadership, The African Canadian Achievement Award, and several others.

Hamlin is a sought-after keynote speaker and diversity trainer. He speaks eloquently and passionately about the power of diversity and the benefits of creating inclusive environments that value the perspectives and life experiences of everyone. Hamlin believes a deeper understanding of how culture affects human interactions is a vital prerequisite in today’s fast-paced transmedia world.


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