Welcome back, DiversiPro!

We are pleased to be once again associated with this Festival that profiles artists.

Between Festivals: A Journal in Time of Pandemic and Lockdown

Spirit of the Hills is delighted that DiversiPro Inc. has returned as a sponsor of the Festival of the Arts.

CEO and Founder, Hamlin Grange  says his company strongly believes that the arts should be celebrated and supported.

“It’s through the arts that we learn the stories of people and communities,” he says.

Blog Photo - FOTA Sponsor DiversiPro - Hamlin Grange photo 1

He noted the growth of the festival and how proud his company is to support it.

“I hope it will be even more exciting this year, and I expect to see more artists and a greater diversity in genres and artists. I’m hoping people will come out and support  this festival that is right in their own backyard.  You don’t have to go to the big city to be exposed to excellent artists, whether their art is visual, literary, performance, or other. They are right here.”

Blog Photo - FOTA San Murata Jazz Violinist Jazz violinist and painter San Murata will be at FOTA 2019

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