About DiversiPro

DiversiPro is an innovative diversity consulting firm based in Toronto. It helps organizations find the opportunities, face the challenges and solve the problems of the dramatic changes in demographics in Ontario and Canada.

DiversiPro’s services include training, strategic and operational planning, marketing, community development and organizational development.  Research and evaluation are core activities in most of the company’s projects.

We bring together a Team with a range of outstanding professional experience. We are in touch with national and international best and promising practices in a number of industries and sectors.

For the past 13 years we have helped organizations to find a clear and effective path through the world of diversity statistics, politics, theories and attitudes. We place strong emphasis on measurable results. We have attracted an outstanding group of clients and Associates; bringing  fresh thinking and new approaches to diversity management, making us well known in Canada and in other countries around the world.

DiversiPro developed the Six Cylinders Model that helps organizations to manage and implement diversity and inclusion strategies.

Six Cylinders Framework

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