Planning Inclusive Meetings and Special Events

inclusion-wordle11In today’s increasingly diverse world it’s important to make meetings and events accessible to everyone; it’s not only the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing to do.

I recently made a keynote presentation to 200 at a staff development conference at Toronto’s George Brown College. I was impressed with the effort the College made to make sure my presentation was fully accessible.

For example, all videos I used had to be captioned beforehand (something the College offered to do), there is someone specifically in charge of this at the College and there were two sign interpreters working throughout my presentation.

Accessibility is a core value of George Brown College and everyone making a presentation there receives specific guidelines on how to make their presentations accessible. The following post by Evelina Silveira is a good reminder of what else to consider in making your next meeting or event an inclusive affair.

Diversity and Inclusion at Work

Image Evelina Silveira, President, Diversity At Work in London Inc.  Publisher of the Inclusion Quarterly

Recently, I was perusing a business magazine that had a section dedicated to meeting planning. It was written by a professional in the field yet I could have sworn that the article was at least 20 years old. There was no attention to the new realities of planning business
meetings that host a wide range of guests from different cultures, religions and abilities. It was the same old same old. Someone reading this article may have thought that they had all of the information they needed to make their next event a success — but they didn’t.

No doubt, the business world is more complicated these days. It can be very intimidating, especially if you feel forced into thinking outside the box for the first time.

Don’t fret. Guess what? A lot of the ideas won’t…

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